5 Suggestions for Increasing Your TikTok Following in 2024

TikTok presents an unrivaled chance for growth, regardless of whether you’re a company trying to expand through social media marketing or an individual trying to establish a personal brand. It is a democratic platform for anyone who want to have an influence since its algorithm is made to allow even the tiniest accounts to have a chance at going viral.

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Although having a lot of followers doesn’t guarantee success as a creator, having a huge following may influence several aspects of your business, such as the amount you can charge for brand partnerships and the size of the TikTok audience you can reach.

We’ll provide you practical advice and methods in this post to help you increase your TikTok fan base. So whether you’re new to TikTok or trying to grow your account, keep reading for tips and advice on how to accomplish your objectives and attract more followers.

1. Identify and provide content for your target audience.

With more than a billion active users, TikTok is a melting pot of interests, age groupings, and cultures. There is something on the platform for everyone, even Baby Boomers and Gen Z. But it’s important to know who you’re providing content for if you want to increase your following.

It’s like flinging spaghetti against the wall when you create generic material and hope it sticks. By getting to know your audience, you can create more interesting material.

Analyze your TikTok performance first. Examine trends in your followers’ locations, sexes, and ages. Do the majority of them have a passion for fashion? Are they avid travelers among the millennials? Consider what your audience would want to see and how they would like to be involved after you have identified them.

Make material that appeals to them. Finding your specialty comes next when you have an understanding of your audience. A video detailing your exercise regimen, for instance, might have a greater effect on your followers than a random dancing video if they are fitness enthusiasts. “Would my target audience find this valuable or entertaining?” should be your constant question.

Don’t be scared to try new things. Try experimenting with different kinds of content to see what generates the most interaction; many TikTok influencers have found success using this method. If you’re not sure if your audience is more interested in how-to videos or comedic skits, for example, publish both and observe which receives more likes, shares, and comments.

Understanding your target market is a continuous effort rather than a one-time event. Individuals’ tastes shift, and the TikTok algorithm changes too. Pay attention to your audience, monitor your statistics, and be prepared to adjust your content strategy as necessary.

2. Keep an eye on and follow trends

TikTok relies heavily on trends, which come and go like the tide but stick around once they do. Your video’s visibility on TikTok’s primary feed and recommendation algorithm, the For You page (FYP), can be greatly expanded by taking part in current challenges or utilizing popular sounds.

TikTok trends are more than simply moments of viral content; they’re chances to express your originality, connect with new people, and perhaps become viral. But keep in mind that trends change with time. The sooner you get started, the better.

It’s a good idea to monitor the FYP, but don’t stop there. Observe the noises that are being utilized frequently, look into hot hashtags in your industry, and follow well-known producers and influencers. It’s OK that not every trend will fit your hobbies or brand. The secret is to modify trends so they organically mesh with your writing. If you’re an influencer in the fitness industry, for instance, you might incorporate a current dance craze into a training regimen.

Even while it might be tempting to follow every trend, it’s critical to preserve the identity of your brand. Consider the question, “Does participating in this trend align with my brand’s values and aesthetics?” Proceed if the response is affirmative. If not, it might be preferable to pass on this one.

Trends have two drawbacks. Your interpretation of a trend might always go wrong or, worse, backfire. But typically, the benefits—greater exposure, more followers, and more engagement—outweigh the drawbacks.

The secret is to use them carefully; only take part if they are pertinent to your writing. Never forget who you are and what your brand stands for, even if you keep an eye on what’s popular.

3. Exchange links with other TikTok producers.

By working together and doing cross-promotion with other content producers, you may reach twice as many people with a single video. However, it’s more than simply statistics; it’s also about fostering creativity and community.

Duets and stitches are two special elements that TikTok offers that make working together simple and enjoyable. While a stitch enables you to cut and combine sequences from another creator’s video into your own, a duet lets you collaborate on a video project side by side. Engaging with other creators and their audiences is made easy with the help of these features.

Not every partnership is created equal. It’s critical to collaborate with influencers and producers that share the values and target audience of your business. Investigate them, look up their rates of involvement, and send them a thoughtful proposition. Other collaborative dos and don’ts include:

Do agree on the collaboration’s substance and message in detail?

Work together with no one whose brand is at odds with yours.

Give credit where it is due, please.

Collaboration should seem genuine and organic to both sides; don’t push it.

A fruitful partnership may serve as the foundation for a long-term partnership. Think about collaborating to create a challenge or content series, or consider cross-promoting each other’s goods or forthcoming events. Effective cross-promotion benefits both parties involved. It may improve your material, assist you in escaping your following bubble, and even result in amazing friendships. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with that creative you find inspiring; you never know where it can go.

4. Launch a series of material

Even while one-off films are entertaining and captivating, the long term has advantages. Creating a TikTok video series may give your viewers a feeling of continuity and encourage them to come back for more. It’s storytelling at its best, and it’s a really effective tactic.

A content series is a common social media style that consists of a number of linked videos that are centered on a story or major subject. It might be as straightforward as a “Tip of the Day” series or as intricate as a tale that is serialized. The secret is to be consistent with your content’s tone, theme, and publication schedule.

5. Make use of hashtags and write audience- and niche-relevant captions.

Not only are hashtags a cool extra, but they’re also an effective way to increase your TikTok discoverability. By making it simpler for your target audience to access your content, using the appropriate hashtags may help you increase interaction and acquire new followers.

Choosing the appropriate hashtags requires balance. Three to five hashtags each post are the ideal amount. A combination of trending, niche-specific, and generic hashtags should be used. Trending hashtags can provide you a chance at becoming viral, niche-specific hashtags draw in a certain audience, and general (but pertinent) hashtags cast a wide net.

Additionally, think about developing a branded hashtag if you have a sizable following or wish to increase brand exposure. This can help your community get together and track user-generated material that is relevant to your business more easily.

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