Top Biking clubs for women in India

According to conventional wisdom, motorcycling has long been considered manly pursuits, but today women have more than broken down those barriers and taken the initiative to express their desire for these beautiful machines. 

 There are reportedly over 4,000 women bikers in India, and a significant number of all women are also members of motorcycle clubs. Read on to know about  7 best motorcycle clubs in India for women in India:

The Bikerni

Bikerni is ranked as one of the top motorbike club organizations for women. Started by Urvashi Patole in the year 2011, it is recognized as one of the earliest clubs that was formed in order to unite women bikers all over the country. This club is also part of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association. Their ride to Khardung-La is recorded as one of the most remarkable expeditions and has embedded their name in the Limca Records in 2013.

The Riderni

Founded in 2011 by Anjaly Rajan, the Riderni is not only categorized under Motorbike club but is also a training platform for women. The main motto of Riderni is to encourage confidence and improve knowledge in riders.

According to a survey, it is found that Riderni has trained about hundred riders up-to-date. The Riderni is an Ahmedabad-based Motorbike Community which has “Ride Till I die” as its slogan and is a self-liberation club.

The Regals

The bikers of The Regals are best known as “Queens of Mumbai” for their stunning rides in Royal Enfield motorbikes. The Regals was founded in 2012 by Aparna Bandodkar, a dentist based in Mumbai.

Their rides are mostly based on women’s safety and other social causes. The proud bikers of this group have passion towards biking and are really enthusiastic.

Biking Queens

With over 72,000 followers on Facebook, Biking Queens has one of the largest motorists’ group. They have over 45 bikers who do amazing rides around the world and are popularly known as superbike riders. Sarika Mehta founded this club in the year 2015 in Surat.

The biggest achievement of Biking Queens is the completion of 10,000 km ride within 39 days that covered around ten countries. Most of their rides are for social causes including road safety, drug awareness, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Join one of these clubs today and live your passion for life!

Hop On Gurls

Hop On Gurls is a Bengaluru- based club that exclusively started for Royal Enfield and Bullet motorbike lovers. Started in 2011 by Bindu Reddy, Hop On Gurls has its branches in Pune and Mysore at present.

The members of the group share tips and tricks that would help them to “hop on to life, hop on to joy and hop on to passion”. The speciality of Hop On Gurls is that they organize long rides for every three months along with Blood Donation Camps and “Bullet riding Sessions”.

Lady Riders of India

Lady Riders of India is the best platform for enthusiastic bikers who like to ride motorbikes above 650cc. Maral Yazarloo formed this club in the year 2016 in Pune for bikers who love speed and like to travel across the world.

The group is always up to international trips and challenging long rides that cover over 10,000 kilometers. Currently, the group consists of 24 riders with local meet-ups in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.

Biker Babez

With the motto of “Ride safe and smart”, Chennai-based Biker Babez is known for its wonderful and challenging racing abilities. Biker Babez was founded in 2013 by Sindy Soundari as a small club consisting of just ten members.

It aims at motivating women and bringing the biking talents hidden within them by breaking social barriers and norms. Biker Babez group has their interest in drag racing, Motocross and in organizing rallies and awareness meet-ups.

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