“Entering the ocean is more terrifying than entering space.” 2023

The ocean’s enormous grandeur may captivate and entice adventurers.

It may also be dangerous, as the Titan submarine crew discovered when operators lost communication.

The vessel held billionaire Hamish Harding, Shahzada Dawood, and three others. Their wealth allowed them to visit the Titanic, which sank in 1912.

This crew’s air was running out. Experts think the ship imploded and everybody onboard killed.

Scientists say that the ocean is scarier than space.

The ocean’s might may test even the most skilled.

Five scary ocean facts:

  • 5% has been investigated.

US National Ocean Service. Ocean mysteries span the world.

Despite several trips and the world’s riches of knowledge and technology.

  • Rogue waves

Rogue waves are now considered real by scientists and others.

National Geographic calls it a 30-meter-tall “wall of water.”

The British oceanographic research vessel RRS Discovery was sailing in the Rockall Trough west of Scotland in February 2000 when it recorded the largest waves ever recorded by scientific equipment in the open ocean, 29.1 meters.

  • Cryptids

The fabled kraken could sink the biggest ships, according to sailors.

Sirens or mermaids lured sailors to their deaths.

Cryprozoologists are continually hunting for proof of these species.

Cryptozoology is a pseudo-science that examines unknown, legendary, or extinct creatures.

  • Mariana trench

Oceanic abyss Mariana trench is deepest. The Challenger Deep is 10,984 meters deep.

Deep-sea dragonfish, black seadevil anglerfish, and dumbo octopus reside there.

The Mariana Trench’s bottom water pressure exceeds 1,071 times sea level.

  • Bacteria

In 2016, “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” reported that hazardous bacteria are spreading throughout the seas as temperatures increase, increasing sickness risk.

Climate change worsens this.

Bacteria like Vibrio vulnificus may also infect people, usually through undercooked seafood or dirty salt water wounds.

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