NASA wants AI-powered assistants for astronauts 2023

NASA is reportedly building a ChatGPT-like AI aide for astronauts. The AI might detect “inefficiencies” and let people communicate to the spaceship.

Microsoft, Google, and NASA all love AI. Bing Chat and OpenAI’s GPT-4 have human-like interactions and are currently in phones, automobiles, and space stations.

According to The Guardian, NASA visiting researcher Dr. Larissa Suzuki says an AI assistant will allow astronauts to “talk” to the spaceship and discover any critical anomalies.

“It then alerts mission operators that space vehicle X package transmissions may be lost or fail delivery,” “When a space vehicle goes offline or its software breaks, we cannot send an engineer up.”

NASA wants to separate AI from supercomputers.

Federated learning would allow a fleet of rovers to exchange information without sending data back to Earth, Suzuki says.

“The spacecraft collaborate updates based on what other spacecraft see,” she added. “It’s a technique for distributed learning—learning collaboratively without bringing all that data to the ground.”

For obvious reasons, saving data the system would have to carry back to Earth is helpful. However, a method may be needed to store data on a space station.

AI is permeating practically every element of the IT business, making it an exciting moment for innovation.

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