Ex-intelligence officer claims hidden US programs have UFOs 2023

David Charles Grusch, a former US intelligence official, has claimed that covert US programs possess both intact and damaged extraterrestrial craft, information about which is being unlawfully withheld from the US Congress.

According to a report in The Debrief, other active and retired US officials have provided independent evidence to corroborate Grusch’s claims. According to Grusch, the material from the non-human craft has been recovered over decades.

For decades, conspiracy theories have asserted that the U.S. government has actively concealed evidence of extraterrestrial craft from the public, with films such as Independence Day depicting the process.

David Charles Grusch claims the US has an undamaged and partially intact extraterrestrial spaceship.

The report now suggests that the US Air Force has conducted decades-long disinformation campaigns to prevent the public from learning about non-human aircraft.

NASA and the United States military refer to non-human aircraft as unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), whereas the more popular term is unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Any discussion of this craft necessarily involves a discussion of their origin, with extraterrestrials grouped with other paranormal phenomena such as Yetis, werewolves, and spirits. This association has rendered the subject forbidden in academic circles.

In an anonymous survey, one in five academics in the United States claim to have personally witnessed an unexplainable aerial phenomenon. NASA has assembled a panel of researchers to provide a comprehensive report on UAPs as well as recommendations for future investigation.

At the first public meeting, the specialists emphasized the need to remove the stigma surrounding the topic and collect higher-quality data. The committee is anticipated to submit its report later this year.

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