Irish expert thinks UFOS are a worldwide defense network 2023

The NASA hearing revealed that the space agency receives as many as one hundred UFO reports per month. However, only 2% to 5% are genuinely anomalous, according to Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the US Department of Defense.

Kirkpatrick also stated that metallic objects had been observed performing “very interesting maneuvers.”

Jackson told the press that he has made the “overwhelming” discovery that the spheres are part of a global defensive system.

“The spheres are a global defense network that intercepts space-based threats ranging from meteors to other space-based threats,” he explained to the Sunday World.

Jackson added that he made the discovery while attempting to comprehend poltergeist activity in the United Kingdom, stating that he once witnessed silver spheres circling a supposedly cursed home.

The spheres were about the size of a tennis ball and “intelligently controlled.”

He told the Sunday World, “I saw these orbs everywhere; their flight behavior was strange, and they repeated the same patterns and processes.”

Jackson added that the spheres function as scarecrows, luring people away from areas of hazardous emissions by claiming the area is plagued by poltergeists.

“You may hear the pounding of a door in another part of the house. This action is intended to disperse individuals; the further away they are, the safer it is.”

The US Navy is perplexed by the fact that the spheres send signals to larger spheres floating approximately 300 feet above the ground.

Jackson stated that a third form of sphere functions higher in the sky and defends the planet from incoming threats.

“They form a V configuration, and certainly, I believe they have been protecting humans for thousands of years.

“The objects encircle and neutralize other UFOs. This is what the US Navy sees. They operate as triangles and rearrange themselves. They appear like stars in the sky, reported for centuries.”

Jackson stated that the orbs are visible through infrared and that they frequently appear during military air displays in response to loud sounds.

NASA and the Pentagon have obtained no evidence linking unidentified objects with extraterrestrial life, according to testimony presented at a hearing on Wednesday.

NASA’s assistant deputy associate administrator for research, Dr. Daniel Evans, stated emphatically that there is no compelling evidence of extraterrestrial life in connection with enigmatic objects.

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