IT, research, and space technologies budgeted at Rs18.5bn 2023

The three industries have received proposals for over Rs18.5 billion.

The yearly development program includes a number of agricultural research and cybersecurity initiatives, including the PTI-era Hemp Authority project.

The authorities intend to produce smart cards, mobile SIMs, and chips locally as part of a campaign to lower import costs and safeguard national data. Budget suggestions also include cybersecurity and agricultural research initiatives, such as the PTI-era Hemp Authority.

Despite budgetary challenges, the anticipated funding for information technology, agriculture, and space research is Rs1 billion higher than the budget from the previous year.

According to official papers, the development budget would contain 41 initiatives from the IT Ministry in addition to 37 scientific and technology projects, including space research.

Local smart card, mobile SIM, chip, and

Manufacturing of smart cards, mobile SIMs, and chips as part of the development program is planned for the upcoming year.

Additionally, money is anticipated to be allotted for programs that secure and monitor digital activity as well as smart policing initiatives to combat cybercrime in the nation.

The Pakistan Multi-Mission Communication Project and online satellite image are also included in the development budget.

The one patient, one ID initiative, and virtual education programs are also included in the budget plans. Additionally, money is anticipated to be set aside for the Karachi IT Park, Pakistan Digital Economy Cloud Data Center, and freelancer training.

The establishment of the Hemp Authority, testing labs, and the creation of high-quality agricultural seeds are all part of the sector’s development plan.

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