Moonlighter – The First and Only Satellite in the World-Hacking Sandbox 2023

Moonlighter, the “first-ever hacking sandbox in space,” will revolutionize satellite hacking in low-Earth orbit in August.

This innovative space hacking tool will take cybersecurity forward.

Space Systems Command (SSC) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) collaborated to launch Moonlighter, an advanced cyber test platform.

The national security space community may test and learn from orbit with this 3U CubeSat.

Satellite-Hacking Sandbox

Aerospace Corp. says this extraordinary system includes a specific cyber payload with a firewall to segregate the onboard component.

A completely reprogrammable payload computer simulates a flight computer.

This technology allows repeatable, realistic, and secure cyber tests while emphasizing satellite safety.

Cybersecurity testing in space takes place in labs or through terrestrial simulations.

Cyber defense in space is difficult due to the lack of suitable vehicles.

Moonlighter Checks

Below are all Moonlighter checks:

  • The cyber payload will test sophisticated cybersecurity technology for defensive cyber operations.
  • An integrated cyber monitor monitors communications channel traffic, enabling high-speed processing and watchful monitoring.
  • The monitor enhances cyber event detection techniques with AI and ML.
  • Additional attitude and vehicle sensors provide more thorough monitoring and analysis.

Moonlighter’s cloud-based ground segment creates a secure, adaptable environment that separates cyber activities, vital health, and safety functions.

Competitive Cooperation

Moonlighter will participate in Hack-A-Sat 4 with the U.S. Air Force and Space Force.

Hack-A-Sat encourages security researchers of all levels and the hacking community to share their insights to solve space’s complex cyber challenges.

Aerospace has supported and developed this cybersecurity challenge since 2020.

Moonlighter’s first-ever deployment of an on-orbit asset in the Hack-A-Sat competition revolutionized Capture-the-Flag exercises.

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