Space-themed Illuminarium Las Vegas debuts 2023

The performance lineup at Illuminarium Las Vegas has been updated to incorporate a brand-new attraction with a focus on outer space.

The new experience, which is situated inside the AREA15 immersive entertainment complex in Nevada, United States, contains interactive photos obtained by the James Webb Space Telescope as well as a 3D reconstruction of the telescope’s deployment in deep space. The event is called “Space: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond.”

Visitors will be able to enjoy real-world, filmed content as well as realistic, re-created worlds in an immersive atmosphere thanks to the new experience, which does not need the use of any wearable devices.

It is driven by a “unprecendented” combination of technologies, such as 4K laser projectors, 3D audio, LIDAR-based interaction, in-floor sensation-creating haptics, and fragrance, as well as strobe effects, floor vibration, immersive sound, and realistic/responsive projection.

Illuminarium Las Vegas offered a space experience using James Webb Space Telescope photos.

Calum Peason, the general manager of the Illuminarium, was quoted as saying, “These jaw-dropping images are a feast for the eyes, giving a unique view of galaxies, and taking us to places we could never imagine.”

It will take your breath away when it is seen at this over-the-top scale that the Illuminarium gives.

In addition, Illumination Las Vegas presents “Space After Dark,” a unique event designed only for guests who are at least 21 years old. Space After Dark is an event that takes place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings and is advertised as a “immersive experience like no other.”

Guests are able to interact with cosmic cliffs, tarantula nebulas, the southern ring, and the pillars of creation just by waving their hands. Space After Dark is billed as an event that takes place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

Children and seniors may get tickets for US$35 (€33, £29), while tickets for adults can be purchased for US$40 (€38, £33). The price of admission to Space After Dark begins at $35 USD.

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